Coffee and The Kiss

Those unconsumed lips when drenched with the tangy twist immersed in sugar cubes and the coffee seeds helped her to recover what happened with her,the last evening.

She thought about him, again and again with the gist of uncontented desires which aroused in her mind when she saw him and every moment flashed back at that very instant.

The Coffee Shop  5:00 PM January 11, 2018

She took a deep breadth, was a little nervous but managed to figure out ways to pretend as she if was not because she was such a artist in doing so.

He entered inside the Cafe and approached towards her .Wearing the black reefer and with a erotic cologne,Creed green Irish Tweed she presumed, it was a familiar stimulation although, but he was quite captivating.

She smiled with a wicked face looking at him. He sat in front of her and both ordered Cappuccinos. She asked him about work and life.He asked her about moon and beaches. He was way too forward than she thought.

The Cappuccinos joined their conversation only to get redundant with the chilling temperature. The coffee remained unkissed.

About 7, he got an urgent call. He had to leave.He stood up. She didn’t.

He smiled and came next to her.She was still sitting with an unfulfilled desire to spend a way more longer than she could.

She said-“Take me along with you, Can you?”

He said-” Not today, She is at home, even the kids are waiting eagerly for me, I’ll call you as soon as She is asleep”.

She sighed, He pulled her Wheel chair from the corners of the coffee table and helped her to get in the cab waiting outside the Cafe.

He Bid Goodbye to her with a gentle kiss on her forehead only to make her realize, her only hopes of being cared for nothing more than that and never shall it be never more than that because she is hindered, handicapped and therefore love trodden.

She came back from the memories because she could not stay a little longer with his essence which cannot be folded with burning desires of her heart.




Under The Table…

It already started
I tried to stop it but I already know
You are something I should do without, but I won’t
I’m under the table
Just keep wishing I’ll come out but I don’t
You are something I should do without, but I won’t
Please tell me that this could be easy
I’m tired of waiting for permission to love
Heartbreak is your game, but I’m learning
My heart could be yours, won’t you make it your home?
I’m already falling
I couldn’t help it, didn’t think of the risks
I got a problem, problem when I look in your eyes
You’re mine and you know it
I’d still do it even if we were cursed
Won’t you be my problem, it’s okay with me if it hurts
Please tell me that this could be easy
I’m tired of waiting for permission to love
Heartbreak is your game, but I’m learning
My heart could be yours, won’t you make it your home?
Please tell me that this could be easy
I’m tired of waiting for permission to love
Heartbreak is your game, but I’m learning
My heart could be yours, won’t you make it your home?
Please tell me that this could be easy
I’m tired of waiting for permission to love
Heartbreak is your game, but I’m learning
My heart could be yours, won’t you make it your home?






One Night with a Stranger

The escort entered Room No. 219 with a sultry smile on her face.He was lying down on the bed as if half dead.She looked at him and asked him if he was ready.

He woke up.She went closer to his neck and whispered something.He stood up disinterestedly  to reach out for the menu.She could now cook up that he wants something else by then.He asked her if she would like to have something politely.

She refused.

He kept the menu aside and went to check in the Mini Bar.He took out two bottles of Corona.She dimmed the lights and suddenly the ambiance of the room transformed into some deserted space where two strangers were having quite drinks.She initiated the conversation.


“So it’s not about sex?”

“What do you think?”

“Well, may be or may be not.Guys like you are Love Trodden.They come to me talk about how they went through their relationship trauma and then I make love to them and it heals their pain

Love Trodden??” He laughed out loud.

He laughed, giggled madly.Just few sips made his mood.He was silent after a while.

“So, she is beautiful?? Isn’t she??”


“I see, so Why?What happened between you two?”

“I broke up with her, because she cheated on me”

“Cheers!!” she said

They drank the next sip.And it went on till the last bottle of beer vanished with their conversation.

“So, what’s your story?”

I have new stories every night,so which one do you want to know?”

He went quite and smiled.

Her phone ranged.It was her manager’s.She put on to the speaker.

“Where are you?Am I paying you to have chit chats with the customer and why you are still not in requested room?”


“I don’t want to listen any excuse, go to your allotted room right away”

She looked puzzled.She checked out for the Room no. in the SMS. It was Room No. 216. She got up.

He said “So you are leaving me alone?”10553

“It was nice talking to you, but duties call now.”

“All the best for your tonight’s story”.He winked

“Oh,Thanks but I already got One.” She smiled and went away.











Dear Dad

How come you are always right about each and everything? How do you know that the next step I am going to take will have a predefined set of consequences as you know?

How come you are so prepared about every situation?How come you are so intelligent, you always beat me in every debate and I too, am molded by your conversations and assertions?


I remember when I cried in front of you to get me my own separate room and despite you had to leave for the hospital, you shifted all your belongings to another room and gave me your room.I remember when you used to bring me my favourite Dairy Milk chocolate when I was a kid.I remember the day I first saw you crying when Mom underwent through that surgery.That day I realized, you are emotional too, and that day I realized I am more like you than Mom.I pretend to be strong and stiff and somewhere down the corners of my heart I am hot blooded.

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Dad, Thank you!!

Thank you for being there with me, thank you for supporting me to full fill my dreams.Thank you for caring me like your little Princess. Thank you for calling me your lucky charm.Thank you for making me aware about the real world.Thank you for loving my Mom wholeheartedly.


Thank you for making me who I am.Thank you for never ever discriminating me with Brother. Thank you for every time asking my opinion in every major decisions for the family.Thank you for guiding me to become a self made person.

Thank you Dad for bringing me into this world!!

A very Happy Birthday to you !!



Your Daughter-



From the Dark with Love


I envy you

You are treated like a boon

And I am the devil’s own luck

You are mesmerizing like a new bride

And I am the harbinger of remorse

I envy you

You are full of dazzle

I am just a lucid fellow


From most romantics nights to the full moon days

I am alluring than you

Then why?

I am treated like a some enchanted black magic

And you are preached with mirth

I envy you

From the Evening Primroses to the Moon flowers

All are blessed because of me

Then why I am evil when you are just another star

Dark is not devastating but can be beautiful too

Let me spread some my aura along with you

I shall never envy you then

To Light,

From Dark with Love

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The Second Love


You are my second love. That’s right, my second true love. You are not the first one to kiss my lips. Nor the first one to give me a romantic hug. You didn’t get the chance to be the first person to comfort me when I’m down. But for now, you have the chance to be the first one to not break my heart.

     I know being with me feels terrible and unbearable. Trust me, I can’t handle myself either. If you feel like I’ll just crush your soul, please leave. Don’t get me wrong, the idea of you leaving me makes me weak. But I want you to know that if you must, then you may.

     And if by chance you’re still choosing me, thank you. My first one sure is a disaster, but you came and I’ll forever be grateful. You showed me how to love again. You reminded me how wonderful it is to feel loved. For the second time, I’ll give my all. Every inch of my broken pieces. I want to feel your love pick those pieces again. Thank you; this is for you. A prose for my second love and hopefully my last.

The Good Manager

In the corporate world,there goes a proverb which says-“Employees leave managers, not companies.” Well, supposedly very much true.

So, how well you can define a good manager?

May be you can figure out following qualities-

1.Most importantly a positive attitude

2. Thorough knowledge of the field

3.Empathetic towards the team

4.The spark of creativity

and many more to go..


Well,all seems to be genuine but as an employee do we really think twice before judging our manager who makes us work on weekends, do we really help her/him out to tackle all those situations which we cannot even think about.

Being a manager is not an easy job.You have to deal with your boss, with your team, with your competitors and your personal life too.So, a good manager henceforth is the one, who can deal and standby every situation with vigour and valour .

If he listens to your problems, if he gives you opportunities to explore,if he stands with you at the time of escalations rather than imposing it on you, if he enjoys with you but follow “Work comes first” rule, if he gives the credit you deserve and the most important of all if he motivates you to bring out the best then there can be no denying the fact he is A Good Manager.




कुछ बात अलग है इस शहर की

कुछ बात अलग है इस शहर की
यहाँ महँगे कैफ़े नहीं मिठाई की दुकानें ज़्यादा हैं
यहां पर गलियों कुछ छोटी हैं
यहाँ की हवा में थोडा अपनापन है
कुछ बात अलग है इस शहर की
यहाँ पर सिमित हैं सबके घर
यहाँ की ईद और होली में सेवायीं और घुजिया दोनों बनती हैं
यहाँ की सुबह थोड़ी शांत है
यहाँ दादी नानी शाम को घर के वरांडे में बैठा करती हैं

कुछ बात अलग है इस शहर की

यहाँ भीड़ कुछ कम है

यहाँ रात जल्दी हो जाती है

यहाँ शाम को हर घर में दिए जलते हैं

यहाँ बच्चे आज भी बर्फ पानी खेल कर खुश हो जाते हैं

कुछ बात अलग है इस शहर की

यहाँ का बर्फ का गोला कुछ अधिक मीठा है

यहाँ के पानी बताशे तीखे कुछ ज़्यादा हैं

यहाँ मदिरा से ज़्यादा लोग शिकंजी पीते हैं

कुछ बात अलग है इस शहर की

यहाँ कुछ मेरा है,मेरी माँ का घर

यहाँ शाम की चाय और हँसी की ठहाके की कुछ अलग बात है

यहाँ मेरा बचपन है

कुछ बात अलग है इस शहर की

यहाँ त्योहार क्व रंग दिए की रौशनी बिखेरते हैं

यहाँ मन से मीठे हैं लोग

यहाँ सुकून है, यहाँ मन निश्चिंत है

तभी शायद कुछ बात अलग है इस शहर की